Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Flashcards: IN THAA FAAACE!!

Today was the first midterm of my law career and it was for my criminal law class. As I said before, I felt strangely prepared and not at all stressed. This changed about 10 minutes before it was test time. While I felt I was adequately prepared and studied a good amount of time, I was instantly nervous. Now this exam is only worth 10% of my final grade, so it isn't a make or break grade, but it is still a midterm and 10% is still a big portion of my grade. Even as we sat in our class before the class had even started, I was one of the few people that wasn't still cramming in a bit of extra information. I actually looked at Justine and said, "I wasn't nervous, but all of a sudden I am starting to think that maybe I could have studied a bit longer." She said she was thinking the same thing. Now with the nerves settling in, I was immediately trying to recall every bit of information that had been taught to me over the past 5 weeks.

We were given 60 minutes (a REALLY long time for someone like me who gets done quickly and then can spend the rest of the time second guessing then second guessing my second guesses). I feel that I did pretty well, but I guess we will see when grades come back tomorrow (or whenever they are posted after KP grades them tonight and tomorrow).

I know that you are thinking, "Hey there, I thought this post was going to be about flashcards like your title says." And if you weren't thinking that, you may be double checking the title and now thinking this. I am getting there. After our tests were done, we spent the next hour going over our week 6 flashcards. Holly, my go-to partner for flashcards, and I have a bit of a different view on the flashcards. And I truly do mean just a bit. While she does not like the flashcards (it may even be hatred) because that is not at all how she learns, to me the flashcards help me memorize the definitions but nothing more. Now with that being said, we both find outlines a lot easier to follow and help us to learn, organize, and be able to apply the concepts our flashcards are demanding we learn verbatim.

We have taken our flashcard time to work through some of the terms, find issues with others, and make each other laugh over ridiculousness. For example, today one of our cards prompted us with "Voluntary Act: Omission." This term (or phrase) was defined as "the failure to act in the face of a legal duty to act." First, we found it funny that the word act was used so many times in such a short definition (it would be funnier to you if you had seen our previous cards that seemed to use the same word a hundred times over). Then, being the very mature law students that we are, got hung up on the word duty. In a previous class, one of our professors seemed to say the word so many times that it just stated to sound hilarious and then we all started thinking immaturely. Then, when we actually tried to get serious, things took a turn for the worst.

It was Holly's turn to be quizzed on this term and she remembered the term in its entirety, except for one crucial phrase. To her misfortune, and my opportunity to drive us off course again, the phrase just happened to be "in the face." Now with the right emphasis (as I am sure you are all aware of just what emphasis I am referring), we were thrown into yet another fit of laughter, then driving us to recall all the other ridiculous phrases and whatnot we have laughed over these past few weeks (making it rain, felony murder, duty, etc. are all inside jokes of Holly and I). I believe that we have said more times than one that we should not be allowed to practice flashcards together because we laugh way more than we should. I do believe that given the chance though, we will continue to partner up, learn a little, and laugh a whole lot.

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