Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Time

Free time. This seems like words spoken in a different language. Seriously, I don't speak normal human anymore. Free time doesn't usually occur in a law student's life. This is especially true when said law student is a mother of three, passionately creative, and a modern day housewife. Class was cancelled today.  I knew this in advance. Property law was cancelled today because our professor had to go to a conference of some sort.

Now, the smart thing (maybe not smart for your personal health but in order to get ahead or cram in more information) to do would be to study. However, as a student taking 5 classes (6 if you include the mandatory intro to law), a free day is needed.

Sidebar: What's this free day you speak of???

So today I spent my day as a wife and mother ONLY! I stayed away from my books and flashcards and outlines and everything else to give myself a day to enjoy my life in this moment. Now, I am spending time studying now (or at least after posting this) while the kids are asleep and my husband plays his video game (Destiny to be exact). I digress. So today was spent out of the house, picking up a few necessities for the kids clothing wise (and a few non essentials because this nerd NEEDED new ear buds and they just HAD to be the R2D2 ones), grabbed lunch with my husband and kids (or the two that didn't have school), and enjoyed breathing! It was amazing!

I don't really get a lot of days that have any sort of free time. I don't usually like it that way. I feel as though I have wasted time and could've been spending it doing other things. Now that is not to say that I haven't taken days taking my kids to awesome places (the zoo, pumpkin patch, orchards, bounce houses, etc.), but never just a day to do nothing just because. It was nice. I also got to spoil myself a bit with a few new clothes from Old Navy (one of my favorite places) and got Adam (my husband for those of you who don't know his name) a new North Face vest.

I did do a bit of responsible homeowner things like laundry and dishes, but I wasn't rushed or trying to wrestle kids at the same time. Yes, I enjoyed doing household chores today! Again, this rare free day to do nothing may have been better spent studying, but this mother believes that the small moments that may not be remembered by my husband or kids later in life will be so appreciated by her forever. They allowed her to remember what she is working so hard for, why studying is important, and what life is really about. The books aren't going anywhere, but my kids will never be as old as they are today again.


  1. You really do just need a 'free' day now and then. Just to recharge and give your brain a rest!!! I bet the munchkins loved it!! Now go study!! Lol

    1. It really was great. It has made returning to diligent studying ;)