Wednesday, October 14, 2015


With mid-term exams occurring this week and over the course of the next few weeks, preparation is something we are all faced with. Are we prepared? Are we prepared enough? How can we effectively and efficiently prepare for thee exams? These are all questions that will never truly know the answers for until AFTER our exams. While I could feel completely prepared for an exam, I could actually be completely clueless (let's hope this is not the case).

Sidebar: Can I ask why we don't have ALL of our midterm exams MIDTERM? I have 2 next week and 1 in week 9. While most people may enjoy not having to study for EVERY class's exam in one week, I would prefer it.

Today was my exam for Contracts 1. Last night I spent most (if not all) of my night going through my notes, the flip lectures, and exam practice questions. I felt adequately prepared and felt good through the entire exam. We shall see though.

We also got back the results from our first ungraded assessment in Contracts. I felt that I did well and hit all the necessary points. With that being said, I picked the wrong issue to focus on. I believed the issue to be whether or not the contract was breached. However, we later learned that whether the contract was breached was not the issue. Instead we were to focus on the elements of contracts and option contracts and analyze whether these were satisfied. This would have then helped us decide if there even WAS a contract.

Second Sidebar: Professor Sorensen taught us recently that whether the contract was breached or not will NEVER be the issue we are to focus on as lawyers. Instead we want to focus on what element of the contract was lacking in order to point out why the contract was voidable or breached. 

He announced in class that no one got over a 25/30, which made me feel good about my 21. I missed one element of this exercise (explaining whether an option contract was created). With this insight, I am glad that this was an ungraded assessment and that I am able to take this new understanding of the material and apply it later.

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