Thursday, October 15, 2015

Study Tip #1; Leave the kids at home!

As a mom of three little ones, doing anything alone is near impossible. I share my food, drinks, lap, and bathroom time (yes, mom's around the nation will understand that motherhood means no privacy). As a law student, studying is a necessity. This isn't like my undergrad people where you don't REALLY have to remember what you're learning. Studying with kids? Not an easy feat.

I have been asked numerous times how I get things done. Sometimes I reply that I don't know or that I don't sleep. To be honest, those are truthful answers. I don't give those answers to be funny (although it is somewhat humorous). I really don't know where the time comes from, how I can survive most days with 2-3 hours of sleep (this has been beneficial throughout motherhood), or how I can function with everything that is going on.

I have always been this way. I have never needed a lot of sleep (my poor mother). I have always enjoyed being busy and don't really know what to do with myself when I am not busy (hence the reason I find time to blog). I really don't know how I retain the information that I do. All I know is that I enjoy being busy nearly every second of the day, I don't know what to do with free time (I turned my free time in the pas into a business venture of selling knitted products), and I wouldn't change the hectic pace my life has always assumed. I am guessing that this will be beneficial when I am actually a lawyer, although I don't think that you can put on a resume that you possess the skill of not needing a lot of sleep.

With all of that being said, this life that I am assuming as law student at the moment is requiring different things for my mind and body. Yes I don't sleep and I run on about 4-6 hours of sleep max. But studying, something I have never had to do in the past (Hell in some of my undergrad classes, I never even bought the textbook or even opened some of the ones I bought), is a necessity now. Not only is it a necessity, but the noise my kids make, that I can usually work through, is causing that study period to be a bit more difficult.

For most people, silence is needed to study. Me? I need an organized noise. I can handle the TV, radio, or conversations going on around me (and I actually prefer that), but there are some things I cannot focus through. For example, sporting events of any kind on the TV break my focus. Not necessarily because I want to watch them, but because of the white noise of the crowd.  It's too chaotic.

This is the same for my kids. They have reached that awesome age where they are curious about everything, want to know everything, and ask questions about whatever they want to know. I love that their little minds want to soak up so much. It's proud moments for me to be able to teach my kids about their curiosities. With that being said, they are also at that age where noise is their specialty. That screeching, yelling, very rambunctious noise. They play so well together, yet can get a little rough. This includes spilling things, knocking things over, and usually resulting in one or more of them getting hurt (DISCLAIMER: Not seriously hurt, just enough to need mom to kiss it all better).

This occurred tonight (or last night for you readers because this will be posted on Thursday). My kids were settling down after dinner and baths to watch a little bit of TV before we headed off to pick up their rooms, read, and bed time. I decided to get out my torts book because it seems to be an easier branch of the law for me to comprehend and read (thank you Dean Miller) and with my kids starting to wind down, I could get something done. To my misfortune, as SOON as I was partially through my reading, chaos ensued. The hurricanes that are my children decided to go for one last whirlwind through the house. I could no longer focus enough for me to feel as if I could retain anything. So it became early bed time for the kids (they were tired anyway) and a bit of silent (TV on silent anyway) studying for me. Ok maybe a bit of social media THEN studying.

While I don't, or won't, have many studying tips, I have a big one up front. LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME. Or in my case, put them to bed!

Sidebar: Being a mom is my absolute favorite job and I would give up everything else in this world if need be if I could only choose one thing.

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